Kyouhei is as fluffy and bright as a sunflower!!!!

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"I can’t move at all …“





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ota ome


久しぶりに描いた おめでとうございます 

I just saw the post and ugh yeah I wouldn’t be opposed to you yelling at them because someone probably should lol. I really do hope assholes like that doesn’t discourage people from translating stuff

Go to the OP’s blog and it gets even worse, because so many people are agreeing and trying to argue about it even further…


I just want to share this two-page comic from one of the Lamento anthologies because there can never enough ridiculous protective papa Shui in the world. (⊙ω⊙✿) (Translation and scanning done by me.)


Ikiteru. (Mink - DRAMAtical Murder)

I ended up liking him a ton more than I ever would have expected and then my hand slipped. 

ayuuria replied to your post:Shiki x rai
Which Drama CD are we talking about?

Shiki asked after him during Convenience Store, and Rai obviously wasn’t putting up with him in Chiral Cafe (though neither was anyone else…).

…I’m allowed to reference two different canons  at once…

People are awful whiny pissbabies. Ugh just be happy you’re getting a translation at all. Go use the machine translation if you aren’t happy with it. It’s not like you paid for anything UGHHHHH


I mean, of course when it’s being done for free by fans there are probably going to be parts with less effort put into them if the translator isn’t as interested, or with slightly dodgy translations at times.

And that’s fair enough. I mean, they’re under no obligation to be doing it at all.

Yet they still translated the entire game for everyone to enjoy.

And you shouldn’t be calling them (and I quote) “pieces of shit” just because you aren’t 100% happy with it.


astrayan asked for #7 Vriska

there you go! ::::)

Actually, no, scratch that, I’ll not spare you from my thoughts entirely.

You definitely shouldn’t be complaining about a “mistranslation” when you yourself don’t speak the original language and don’t know exactly what was done “wrongly.”

Please don’t complain so much about something that was done for you entirely for free.

Shiki x rai


vomit / don’t ship / Rai can do better than Shiki lmao / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell